Recommended Product Display Weight

The ideal weight we recommend for a particular hang tab. Recommended weight should be used as a guideline only. Hang tab hanging performance is determined by a number of factors other than weight. The size and shape of product, the type of surface, and the hanging environment also affect performance. The surface should be clean, dry, and free of contaminants. To learn more go to Part Information

"Loose Piece" Hang Tabs 

Loose-piece hang tabs are single-piece, individual hang tabs.

Hang Tabs "On Sheets" 

Sheeted hang tabs are cluster parts that have been trimmed to a convenient handheld size. Sheeted parts are ideal for hand application, either at the packaging facility or in the store. They are easy to use — just peel and place.

Hang Tabs "On Rolls" 

These hang tabs come on a roll, designed for automatic application withfully automatic or semi automatic machines.

Wet Out 

The amount of time for the adhesive on a hang tab to completely adhere to the surface to which it is attached.

Back Shopping 

Occurs when customers select and/or return a product from any position on a peghook without having to remove all of the products in front of it. Tower Tag HOOK Hang Tabs are ideal for backshopping.

Cluster Hang Tabs 

Cluster hang tab products are parts grouped together on a liner in a sheeted format.

Hand Application 

All of our hang tabs can be applied by hand, but our cluster, sheeted and loose-piece parts are designed specifically for hand application.

Impulse Purchases 

Studies have shown that up to 70 percent of in-store purchases are not planned. These spontaneous decisions are made in the store when a product is noticed. Hang tabs get your product noticed.